Conflicts with family members, friends or colleagues are a common occurrence. They can be nerve-wracking and overwhelming.
Do you need help understanding or resolving a conflict?
Perhaps I can be of assistance as a mediator, trainer or consultant.

A conflict can be ignited by a seemingly harmless incident. Some conflicts escalate openly and involve direct confrontation while others are swept under the rug. Every conflict involves emotions such as anger, frustration or fear. Some conflicts lead to a deeper understanding while others end relationships. But even ending relationships needs careful planning, as some relationships – such as those between parents – will continue whether the parties like it or not.
Issues that often come up in mediation are communication, questions of responsibility and decision-making power.
I have forty years of experience in grappling with conflicts.
Tap into my expertise!

  • Do you need a conflict consultation to find ways out of a difficult situation?
  • Are you looking for a mediator to help you generate new perspectives in a conflict?
  • Are you a mediator in search of supervision for challenging cases?
  • Shall I support you in conceptualising, planning or carrying out a workshop or seminar?

I enjoy working in interdisciplinary contexts with people from different cultural backgrounds.
My working languages are English and German.