Mediation • Training • Consulting


In mediation I work with a facilitative approach, meaning that I act as a neutral third party to build a bridge of communication between the parties. The disputants are the experts of their own conflict and I help them take responsibility resolving their issues in a confidential environment. When conflict parties understand each other’s perspectives, they can create a space for finding solutions. These are often summarised in a written agreement. If the parties need a legally binding agreement, they must seek legal advice.
In the last 20-odd years I have specialized in international family mediation – including parental child abduction cases – and workplace mediation. I often work with a co-mediator. I also have experience supervising other mediators with difficult cases.

In den letzten 20 Jahren habe ich mich auf internationale Familienmediation – inklusiver Fälle elterlicher Kindesentführung – sowie Mediation im Arbeitskontext spezialisiert. Häufig arbeite ich mit einem Co-Mediator oder einer Co-Mediatorin zusammen. Auch habe ich Erfahrung bei der Supervision schwieriger Mediationsfälle.


I offer workshops, seminars and training courses in mediation and conflict resolution. In this process I see my role as a form of empowerment. My work revolves around the participants’ professional practice and needs. The participants bring in their own know-how and profit from exchanging experiences with each other. Using interactive participatory teaching and learning methods, they expand their perception of conflicts. They learn new concepts and tools, analyse case studies, and practice communication skills such as active listening, reframing and change of perspective through role play.
I usually work with a co-trainer.
As a highly experienced adult educator I am happy to support those with less teaching experience to develop a tailor-made concept for their subject matter and target group as well as plan and conduct their own presentations, workshops, seminars and trainings.


When I act as a consultant, I am always aware of the given situation or conflict. The goal is for clients to understand their own role in a complex system and develop practical strategies for moving forward despite structural obstacles and injustices.